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MECHAN Plasma Treatment System  can generate high dense plasma around the probe electrodes (voltage difference exists between electrodes of bipolar or multi-polar probes). by conducting medium like sodium chloride solution or electrolyte in cells.  Plasma is composed of highly ionized particles.  Those ionized particles have enough energy to destroy the organic molecular chains in the tissues, thus making the molecules separate from each other and the tissue volume get reduced.  It will not damage the tissues directly and cause little damage to the surrounding healthy tissues.  The electricty will not flow through tissues directly, so the tissue heat is limited and working temperature is controlled at a low level.


Mechan Plasma Treatment System has the advantages as below: tissue surface temperature kept at 40-70ºC, collateral damage to surrounding healthy tissues limited to the least, heat penetration controlled at the best, focused ablation at tissues in the way of molecular separation and others.



Bipolar or multi-polar cutting, low tempertaure ablation, resection, hemostasis and coagulation, minimally-invasive, safe and reliable.


One ABLATION modes (including resection, hemostasis and ablation); One PLACOAG mode (including hemostasis; coagulation).  Different types of probes are optional: The length, diameter, radian, energy level of probes are designed as per requirements of different locations and different diseases.


Multi-function probe designed for ablation, coagulation, hemostasis and resection, supplied with the functions and accessories for multi-pole suction and resection.  Can be carried out in spinal surgery, knee joint, shoulder joint, hip joint, small joint (wrist, elbow, ankle), and surgeries for the joint cartlilage and tendon disease.





PLA800 Plasma Technology Orthopedic Surgical Set - QUOTATION ONLY


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