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About us

 “Mechan Europe Ltd” has been around since 2012 as a leading provider of plasma treatment systems. We are closely involved in the research and development of plasma technology within the field of medicine, as well as the manufacturing process of the said technology. We also strive to instill trust in our clients throughout means of our exceptional customer service and quality of our products.


Medical professionals from all around the world choose “Mechan Europe Ltd” as their steady supplier for the technology needed for the innovative plasma treatment systems for ENT, Spinal operations, Orthopedics, Urology and other surgical procedures.


This became possible due to our focus on providing the highest quality plasma ablation technology currently available, thus improving the surgical outcomes and giving our eve-increasing number of patients an experience that is as pleasant, as possible.


Starting with a small assortment of products, we grew in to a global leader on the market, with us currently serving numerous countries across the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa.


Today, we manufacture and distribute medical devices for performing surgical procedures in the medical fields of

ENT, Spine, Orthopedic, Gynecology, Urology

...and we are working on expanding our business and product line further, such as our current focus on developing RF plasma technology products for applications within the fields of Dermatology, Ophthalmology and Gynecology.

  • MECHAN was established in 2002 and committed to R&D and production of surgery systems

  • MECHAN Plasma Surgery System for ENT was launched to the market in 2011, and it is now widely used by many experts and major hospitals

  • MECHAN Plasma Surgery System for Orthopedics / Pain Clinic was launched to the market in April 2015

  • MECHAN Plasma Surgery System for Urology was launched to the market in May 2015

  • MECHAN was listed on the new third board on August 18, 2015, wherein the stock code is 833234 and the stock name is: Mechan Medical.

  • MECHAN Plasma Surgery System for Ophthalmology and Anorectal will be launched in succession

  • MECHAN Plasma Surgery Systems for intracorporeal lithotripsy and suturing have got key breakthroughs in R&D

Providing you with the best plasma products for the best care of your patients

Our plasma treatment systems




We specialize in several main plasma treatment systems, each with the scope to be applied in plenty of different surgical procedures.  


  • ENT

  • Orthopedics

  • Spine

  • Urology

  • Gynecology

  • Ophthalmology


Mechan Europe Ltd

Across all power levels and interaction times, the Mechan Europe plasma devices efficiently vaporize tissues with only minimal thermal spread

Mechan Europe plasma devices efficiently vaporize tissues with only minimal thermal spread


Much higher settings and/or no longer interaction times result in increased thermal spread


These systems allow for surgeries that are minimally invasive and offer shorter procedure performance times and faster patient recovery, as well as less after-procedure pain and reduced tissue damage.

minially invasive pasma technology wands




We have a highly experienced team of people who are passionate about sitting at the forefront of research and development of plasma technology for medical use. If you need customer service support or ongoing maintenance for your plasma treatment system(s), we will be there to answer your questions every step of the way. Our team members of friendly and knowledgeable – a winning mix!


Our culture is all about exploring potential, whether it’s the
potential of plasma technology within medicine, the
potential of our team, of your potential to offer patients
faster, less invasive treatments with shorter recovery times.
We are always exploring possibilities, asking questions and
seeking answers.


Mechan Europe provides plasma technology products from Europe to everywhere
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