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The latest technology to treat disease of BPH, urethrostenosis, bladder tumor.


A new method to treat BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia)- Plasma Kinetic Resection


New standard for prostatectomy (plasma surgery system for prostate): suffering little, no incision on body surface, minimal damage and quick recovery.  The occurrence rate of complications including postoperative urethrostenosis, uracratia, postoperative urinary tract infections, postoperative bleeding etc, is greatly lower than other surgeries.


Advantages of the plasma technology in treating urethrostenosis and urethratresia:


Reduce the risk of urethal sphincter injure, urethral mucosa injure, urethrostenosis and urinary tract infection.  Lower risk of postoperative secondary bleeding, postoperative urinary irritation sympotoms, postoperative irritation symptoms of bladder and postoperative ED.


Advantages of plamsa technology in treating BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia):


  • Excision of hyperplastic prostate tissue in surgical capsule and reduce the risk of re-hyperplasia and further surgery.
  • Enucleation is to stop blood supply at first, wherein the capsule after surgery is finishing, the contraction is good, the bleeding or secondary bleeding is less.


Advantages of plasma technology in treating bladder cancer.


  • The minimally invasive treatment of internal superficial bladder cancer (over 90% of treatment rate)
  • Bladder conserving thearpy for invasive bladder cancer (similar to the effect of open surgery)


PLA600 - Urology Plasma Technology Surgical Set - QUOTATION ONLY


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