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ENT Plasma Tecnology Electrode for Tonsils, Adenoidectomy, UPPP and CAUP. REQUESTION A QUOTATION


EB401M07-1 is a 35º Tungsten Molybdenum Wire Electrode with a flexible shaft and 120mm working length which allows surgeons to easily reach postnaris hypertrophy during Adenoidectomy.  This probe is available in 3 different sizes, degrees and other features in order to meet every surgeon and patient individual needs.  Contact us for more information.




  • Minimally-invasive plasma ablation and coagulation functions.
  • Efficient tissue ablation for ENT surgical procedures of tonsils and adenoids.
  • Bipolar coagulation for achieving efficient hemostasis during ENT surgeries.
  • Integrated saline irrigation and suction capabilities.
  • Convenient Saline delivery.
  • Built in suction to effectively clear away debris and fluids.
  • Adjustable to accommodate varible patient anatomy.
  • Access to the choanae during adenoidectomy.
  • Circular electrode configuration to minimise the occurance of the probe obstruction.

EB401M07-1 Tonsillectomy & Adenoidectomy Probe -QUOTATION ONLY


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