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EB208M07-1 Nose Bleeding Control - REQUEST A QUTOE


Mechan Ablation and Hemostasis probe is designed to gently ablate inflammtion and erosion tisuue and efficiently control bleeding during surgery or nasal bleeding.  Excellent in immediate and sustained tissue ablation and hemostasis.


Standard instrument of parallel bipolar structure for efficient hemostasis.  Standard instrument for minimally-invasive plasma turbinate reduction.


ENT Plasma Technology Bipolar Coagulation Probe for Hemostasis and Ablation / Nose Bleeding Control.




  • Minimally-invasive plasma ablation and coagulation functions.
  • Improved tissue ablation for ENT surgical procedures of inflammation and erosion tissue.
  • Parallel bipolar coagulation for achieving immediate and efficient hemostasis during ENT surgeries.
  • Immediate and sustained tissue ablation and hemostasis.
  • ​​​​​​​Minimal thermal spread to surrounding tissues.

EB208M07-1 Nose Bleeding Control -REQUEST A QUOTE


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