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Plasma Technology Surgical Systems

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We specialize in a few main plasma technology treatment systems, each with the scope to be used for a number of different surgeries.








































These systems allow for surgery that is minimally invasive and offers shorter procedure times and faster recovery, as well as less patient pain and reduced tissue damage.


The main benefits of plasma technology in surgery

The technology used by our plasma surgical systems has many benefits for patients and medical professionals alike.

  • Less blood loss 
    (e.g. the blood loss of a tonsillectomy by plasma technology can be controlled to below 2ml, whereas 100ml of blood can be lost using traditional surgical methods)

  • Low temperature leading to less tissue damage

  • Advanced surgical method – use one electrode to carry out a number of functions

  • Safety

  • Fast post-operative recovery

  • Reduced patient pain

  • Shorter hospital stays

  • Financial savings

The use of ENT Plasma Technology Surgery System has completely changed the way of performing treatments such as tonsils removal, turbinate reduction, larynx treatment, nasal tumor surgery,etc. Our technology has has given patients shorter recovery, minimal pain during surgery and safer surgeries overall.


The latest technology to treat diseases of BPH, urethrostenosis, bladder tumor, etc. A new method totreat BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia)—Plasma Kinetic Resection. New standard for prostatectomy (plasma surgery system for prostate): suffering little, no incision on body surface, minimal damage and quick recovery.

Orthopedic coblatin wands

The use of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections in the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions has become more prevalent in recent years. Current literature has exhibited that PRP injections are relatively safe and can potentially accelerate or augment the soft tissue healing process.


The latest technology for Gynaecology
(plasma surgery system for gynecology): suffering little, no incision on body surface, minimal damage and quick recovery.

Spine coblation wands

Many clinical trials are underway to determine the full spectrum of use for PRP. In a spine practice, clinicians have anecdotally noted promising results when PRP is injected into spinal ligaments, into facet joints, and/or intervertebral discs when other traditional treatments have failed.

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