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Mechan Plasma Ablation System for surgeries is designed for ablation, resection, and coagulation of soft  tissue and hemostasis of blood vessels in surgical procedures.  With advanced plasma ablation technology, the system dissolves tissue at the molecular level in a highly-controlled manner with minimal thermal effect on surrounding healthy tissues.  The unique design of plasma probes makes it perfect to ablate soft tissue submucosally during tissue reduction.  In addition to a wide selection of plasma probes designed for specific surgical applications, the complete system is composed of a controller host machine, a foot control unit, a treatment handle, a hospital-grade power cord and a flow control unit.  The controller host machine is digital touch-screen design.




Mechan Plasma Treatment System can generate high dense plasma around the probe electrodes (voltage difference exists between electrodes of bipolar or multipolar probes). by conducting medium like sodium chloride solution or electrolyte in cells.  Plasma is composed of highly ionized particles.  These ionized particles have enough energy to destroy the organic molecular chains in the tissues, thus making the molecules separate from each other and the tissue volume gets reduced.  It will not damage the tissue directly and cause little damage to the surrounding healthy tissues.  The electricty will not flow through the tissue directly, so the tissue heat is limited and working temperature is controlled at a low level.


Mechan Plasma Treatment System has the advantage as below: tissue surface temperature kept at 40-70ºC, collateral damage to surrounding healthy tissues limited to the least, heat penetration controlled at the best, focused ablation at tissues in the way of molecular separation and others.


Related Clinical Applications


  • Turbinate Reduction
  • Nasal Surgery
  • Tonsillectomy
  • Adenoidectomy
  • Uvulopalatoplasty
  • Laryngeal Lesian Debulking
  • Soft Palate Reduction


Submucous ablation provides effective protection of mucous membrane and the intrinic physiological protective coat, and prevents the intrinsic physiological immunity from damage.  Multi-polar function with fewer spheres affected and plump tissues can get bounce back instantly during surgery.  Reduced thermal damage: Working temperature is controlled at 40-70ºC



PLA700 - ENT Plasma Technology Surgery System - QUOTATION


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